Our Clergy

The Lilith Temple Society honours all Paths, and her Clergy may come from any Pagan Path. Her Clergy are well grounded within their chosen Pagan Path and open to respecting the Paths of others. 

Her Clergy perform ritual for the Temple membership, and occasionally members of the public, in accordance with the Pagan Wheel of the Year, fulfilling the Spirit of the Temple regardless of the specific Path the rite is based on.

They provide spiritual counsel to Temple members, and share equally in the work load of decision-making and the smooth-running of the Temple, sharing their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the Temple, while of course respecting any vows or conditions previously placed upon them.

While a number of Her Clergy were grandmothered in at the inception of the Temple, all new Clergy must be integrated into the full Clergy body through a minimum year-and-a-day novitiacy. This is not novice training, we are not a Tradition.

All of Lilith's Clergy need to be throroughly grounded in their own spiritual Path prior to acceptance as a Novitiate, and the novitiate period is for no greater purpose than to ensure the coherence of the Clergy body.
Every decision made by Her Clergy must be unanymous and therefore all Clergy must be able and willing to work together.
Every decision made must meet the Spirit of the Temple, not the letter of the rules.