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The Lilith Temple Society

 The Lilith Temple Society is a religious society of Pagans.
Our Mission Statement: The purpose of the Society is to provide a meeting ground for Pagan people sharing common objectives, philosophies and religious values.

Further, we provide a meeting place for solitary witches and pagans alike. 

We also act as an information center. Being eclectic, the Temple follows no one path, nor do we discriminate against anyone of any faith. Our members come from many and varied pagan religions. Anyone who is curious about paganism, or wants to expand their theo - or thea -logical knowledge base is welcome to ask and/or observe - anyone willing and able to enter Circle with respect is welcome.

Temple-sponsored events come in two flavours - public and private.
Private means the event is only open to Temple members and their invited guests. Generally these events are by invitation-only and must be RSVP'd.
Public means the event is open to anyone wishing to attend and is publicised as such. This includes events such as our weekly Coffee Meet and annual Silver Web picnic.

Upcoming Events 

and other interesting stuff

Silver Web Picnic

August 5th, 2017

The Silver Web picnic predates the Temple by several years, being an annual opportunity for Pagans in the Valley to gather together and...    have a picnic!

The Lilith Temple Society chose to carry it forward, and so sometime in midsummer we set up in a park somewhere with an open invitation to one and all to come join us - as with our other public-space events, anyone willing to enter and interract with respect is welcome to join us.

We'll be at Gardner Park in Abbotsford from noon until early evening, this is a casual event.

Please remember to bring - 

  • your own seating
  • food and drink - for yourself, but also something to share in the potluck, if you are so inclined (non-alcoholic beverages only, please, this is a public park)
  • songs, stories, drums or other instruments with which to share and make merry
  • games, ideas, & outdoor toys, if you are so inclined, to empower the spirit of fun

We have a (small) charcoal barbeque we'll have fired up, and canopy cover for guaranteed shade, and the site is mobility-impaired accessible.

If you'd like to join us, please do!

Coffee Meet 


Items to bring: Yourself 

Where: Legal Grounds Coffee House, Essendene, Abbotsford 

When: Every Sunday from 1300 to 1500 

A warm and friendly atmosphere, GREAT coffee, snacks, kid friendly environment to discuss our Pagan path or just relax and pretty much jaw about any topic of your choice.

Clergy Meetings 

Clergy meetings are set for the 2nd Sunday afternoon of every month before Coffee Meet. Clergy meetings are closed meetings

Board Meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Sunday 2nd month following the Coffee Meet.

Board meetings are open to members only, contact any Clergy or Board member for directions.